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My Cinderella Castle Story

Posted on: February 15, 2010

On Twitter last night two friends shared that they were proposed to in front of Cinderella Castle. I am WAY jealous. Greg did not propose to me in Walt Disney World.My castle story involves my oldest daughter Amelia. I lost my ability to walk.In rehab when you are learning to do things over again you have to make goals of what you want to do with your new life.My two goals were to slow dance with Greg without any assistive device. I also wanted to twirl with my daughter in front of castle.I worked my ass of and learned to walk without being able to feel my knees.We took Amelia took for her first visit in the fall in 2007.We knew that would our last vacation as a family of three.We just was finishing our homestudy.So I wanted to twirl but they had the front blocked because they had a show going on.I talked to the cast member that was standing by the rope,I told her my story and what I needed to do.She let us behind the rope. We twirl while we sung my fight song.We laughed. I held her and we twirled and twirled. I whispered my wishes and my dreams for her.I told her how my work was all for her. We twirled.

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4 Responses to "My Cinderella Castle Story"



You are an amazing mama & I’m so happy you get to show your babies the magic here.

And now we can share that magic with your family when we come down again.

That’s just beautiful!

OMG!!! Aunt Becky just commented on my blog. I am doing a happy dance now.

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