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Posted on: March 4, 2010

The date is quickly approaching.  I can feel the tension start to build when the calendar flips to March.  Greg says the date each morning like I do not know.  We both start to get a little nervous. You see March 13 is the day I died.

I went in for routine open heart surgery on March 13.  I know open heart surgery is not routine for most people for me it is. This was supposed to be my 4th open heart surgery. It turned into my 4th and 5th. I had a tissue valve put in so I could get pregnant with Amelia.(Yes I will post about that someday) The tissue valve was supposed to last 10 years it lasted just a little over 2 years. Pregnancy did not agree with my heart.  So the surgery was just going to be a valve replacement.  Take the old tissue out put a brand new mechanical one in. Easy peasy lemon squeesy.  Except I had a small hole where the surgeon had removed scar tissue.  These holes clear up on their own in 24 hours.  Mine would have but I had a heart attack with a clot that went through that tiny hole and made that tiny hole a gaping door. I was awake. I was up talking to my mom and husband.  The next thing I remember is being intubated.  I remember thinking in my head if I tell them I am a mother they will work harder to save my life.  I screamed I AM AMELIA MAE”S MOTHER!   I NEED TO LIVE SO I CAN BE HER MAMA! Then I woke up 2 1/2 weeks later. My husband tells me about the paddles, the flat lining, the emergency open heart surgery and the coma.  But those are his nightmares. I have my own.

So on March 13 it will be one more year down another 1,000,000+ heart beats.  But on March 13 we love a little harder and remember how short life really is.


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Awww honey, that made me cry. My doctors argued over giving me a new valve or not before I got pregnant. Finally my cardiologist and my high-risk pregnancy doctor decided together that I didn’t need it. And my heart actually came out of the pregnancy stronger and I was allowed to have a second child.

I was lucky. It doesn’t happen to everyone like you just reminded me. Children make it much easier for us to get motivated to heal and live though don’t they?

Live on and cherish every moment!

I had the mechanical to start with. That means coumndin it was notthe valve but the risks of coumndin would do to the baby. I am glad I couldn’t get pregnant again. If I did I wouldn’t have my Evie.

sounds like a birthday to me 🙂 so glad you’re okay.

Wow. I’m so glad you made it through.

And see… I TOLD you you had stories to tell…

Wow, what a thing to go through, I can’t imagine how it must have made you all feel. I’m glad you made it through and you are here to share your stories.

How terrifying for you & your family! I am so glad you are here to blog about it all. This is my first visit here, and what a post to arrive on… it leaves me with so many questions.

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