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Twitter is NOT real.

Posted on: March 23, 2010

As I was sitting in the preschool pick up line. A another mother came up to talk. This mother is one of those mothers that one up you on everything. I try to avoid her. She doesn’t want conversation she wants brag. So I roll down my window to see what wonderful thing her daughter did now. She asked me who I texted all the time while in line. I told her it was Twitter.  She goes on how the people on twitter are not real.  They are men posing as women. Now I have met some of my twitter friends in real life. I didn’t think they had a penis but I will now check for one when I feel them up.

 Of course I couldn’t explain to her the wonderful friendships I have found,the late night silly talks we have shared,how I have seen a whole group of people help a friend who has had a stoke  ,or rejoice over a new baby I couldn’t tell her of how I know that there are days that twitter has made me feel less alone. I didn’t tell her how I am going to NYC just to hang out with my twitter friends.

She told me the truth. All of you have a penis. So I do not know what this means for my guy friends on twitter. Maybe they are the girls.

17 Responses to "Twitter is NOT real."

Wait a minute… *Tawny runs to the bathroom*… now HOW did THAT get there?!!!

If the mom in the pick up line says it’s true, well then it must be! I spontaneously grew a penis… and I bet you did too 😛


I bet our hubby’s will be surprised next time they see us nude.

I look forward to you checking for my weenis in May and then again in August.

I will be checking for sure!

I do not have a penis. I swear. I also didn’t kidnap you. I am AWESOME.

She sounds like a gem.

You see why I have to meet new peeps even if they might be kidnappers.

I bet her kids aren’t allowed santa claus or the easter bunny either :p

or? she’s the one tweeting as a sex goddess.

That would be so awesome to uncover her as blowjob britney. LOL

Thanks girl! I can’t believe that it finally happened!
I didn’t know you had a blog so now i will be stalking you! LOL

I just started as suggested by a friend. I am even going to a blog conference in August. Congratulations again.

blog conference! Sounds fun. I don’t know anything about Twitter but your post cracked me up!

Not real? I’m not real? You mean I’ve just been imagining myself this whole time? Crap. You think I would have imagined something skinnier, with better hair.

[…] – Captured that classic non-twitterite attitude in her blog post ‘Twitter is Not Real‘.  Which is exactly why I’m an elitist snob when it comes to Twitter…cause all […]

lmfao. dam i knew their was something weird in my pants these days.

**please excuse the no caps. i am one handed this week.

Hmm..if I was going to invent a persona online for myself, I think I’d have created one that was at least mildly interesting. I must be doing it wrong.

Great post!

Hilarious. I found you via Princess Jenn’s blog. A pleasure to read your post!

Ironic Mom (or Un-ironic Dad or lurker or little old granny)

Classic. Some people are so redonkulous!

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