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Amelia the great

Posted on: March 30, 2010

Amelia has always been this funny little creature.  When she arrived she was the answer to a million prayers that I get a chance to be a mother. She has always had her way of doing things you could either do it her way or her way there was no other option. She has never been a fan of sleep and has never required it.  Even when she was born everyone could not get over how alert she was. There has never been no stopping her.  I love that about her but when you are trying to parent it can drive you a little crazy.  Amelia has always been caring.  She will remember what you like and want to bring it to you.  She is a super star of a big sister.  She is always there to encourage Evie and has never gotten jealous of the extra time that Evie needs.  I try to do things that she like just the of us and I cherish each second we get to spend together.  I even sneak in her room when I can’t sleep just to be beside her and take her all in.  She has this sense of style that will put her in the pages of a fashion magazine or the street yelling at traffic.  I am lucky that I get to be her Mama.

2 Responses to "Amelia the great"

Your daughters are crazy awesome.

I totally agree. Amelia is special. She has learned to be caring and appreciative from her parents. You have a great family!

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