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What Maddie taught me

Posted on: April 7, 2010

I did not know what a “mommy” blog was a year ago.  I thought blogs were for middle-aged men in their mother’s basement to talk about Star Wars. I was on Cafemom when Michelle Lamar talked about the passing of Maddie. I went to the Spohr’s blog and read the whole thing. On one post Heather had told a feeding specialist to “suck it”. I thought OMG there are other mothers like me out there.   Before this I have felt very alone in my mothering. I couldn’t find anybody in my area who was a mother like I was. I couldn’t find friends.  I started to explore these mommy blogs. I have found so many great reads, great people and even a few friends.

I think about Heather and Maddie everyday.  When the kids are driving me more than a little crazy Maddie flashes in my mind and I think “What would Heather do to be in my shoes right now?” I calm down and really enjoy the moment. I see an Abby Cabby and think of Maddie.

I know Heather has also helped some people in my cardiologist office. When she blogged about the blood thinner she was using. I called my cardiologist to see if it was possible that I could use it to get pregnant again. He had never heard about it. They were still using heparin. It has been prescribed to a few patients to get pregnant. Not to me I came to my senses on the pregnancy.

I hope that this post doesn’t sound crazy or stalkerish. I have been wanting to write Heather for all time to tell her what her Maddie has done for me.

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9 Responses to "What Maddie taught me"

Their whole family has taught so many of us so much and with such grace.
I’m sure Heather would love to hear how her posts have helped other people that you know.

I would have never got to know you and feel you up umm I mean hug you at Blogher.

Not stalker-ish at all. Brilliant tribute. I am in the same boat, she has literally changed my life.

I’m SO grateful for Heather, Mike, Annabel, and Maddie for having brought together people online, YOU specifically.

Without Heather, I would not have met you. You would not be my friend.

I am SO very grateful for this community. The one that brought us together.

Knowing Heather (and having seen Maddie’s Abby Cadaby myself), she knows you’re not a crazy stalker. She will LOVE seeing you care for her and her family and you’ve made a difference in other’s lives because of Maddie.

I totally know what you mean. When I am having a bad day, I think about how lucky I am to have my kids here, I think of Heather and Mike. What has touched me the most, is their incredible grace in the face of Maddie’s loss.

Great tribute. Maddie has touched so many lives!

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Angie. Angie said: #Maddie's legacy & @mamaspohr's influence reaches farther than you'd ever expected (by @2princessmama) […]

Heather is a blessing. Truly a rare jewel in a harsh world of fake jewels. She won’t think you’re a stalker. Not that I know that for sure, but…

Also, she’s helped all of us be better people…

Mandi: I visited your blog today for the first time after reading a comment on Firemom’s bog (I also work with her). Via stopdropandblog I also found Maddie and the Spohrs. I believe everyone can learn something from reading each other’s blogs. Discovering what happened to Maddie and then reading through the archives, I have mourned, deeply and physically, her death and didn’t believe at first I would be able to follow Heather’s blog. I have, however, continued to follow it. I am bookmarking several blogs for reading pleasure, including your’s. I was touched by your tattoo post. I too have sought mommy friends but have not been successful for some reason or another.

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