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Posted on: April 13, 2010

Today I had to go to the pharmacy. It was busy and I had to wait.  There was another mom there. She had a little boy there about the same age as my Evie. We did the whole exchange of kids info. The kids were playing together. I thought this could lead to something more a play date or a coffee date. I was a little excited. Then it happened……..I reached out my arm to get the prescription my tattoo was exposed. She looked at it looked at me looked at the tattoo again. She stopped talking to me picked up her son and said a quick goodbye. Before the last year I would have been devastated. I would have worried that I made the wrong choice of getting a tattoo I can’t hide all of the time. But now my first thought…….I am sooooo going to blog this.


11 Responses to "Judged"

What is the tattoo? Something gruesome? Sheesh, I think in today’s world tattoos are much more accepted than say, 50 years ago!

It is Cinderella’s castle with Mickey balloons above it. The balloons are the girls and Greg (husband) favorite colors and their initials. Under the castle in Disney script are the words dreams do come true.

My thought… Why would you want to be friends or friendly with someone who didn’t accept ALL of you?

I love your ballsiness.

I used to do ANYTHING to find friends. If you were a churchy person so was I. I was desperate! If you would have met you a year ago. You would have not seen the person you met in Jan. The internet made me speak my truth. I don’t hide anymore.

I’d have a playdate with you…tattoos and all! People are so freaking ignorant. GRRRR

Yea! Next time I am near you.

Really? Wow. I can’t even fathom that happening.
I have two tattoos right now and plan on at least two more – if a Mama can’t get along with me, I hope I’ll think “I’m gonna blog this!” instead of being bitchy about it!

she could have had a great friend …. to bad for her. Your tattoo is very symbolic…to bad she didn’t get a chance to learn about it.

I think it is a little funny. I have the least offensive tattoo ever. Oh well I have other great friends.

ugh – sorry that happened. She missed out.

I think in a way it’s completely hilarious, given what the tattoo is. I mean seriously? A Disney tattoo, that lady was obviously crazy and you are better off in the long run. ;p

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