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A mother of three

Posted on: July 5, 2010

Our new baby has been in the house for a little of a week now.  We sign her placement papers tomorrow morning.  The only two words that come to mind to describe the week are awesome and surreal.  I never thought I would be here again with a baby girl again.  I just keep soaking up the small moments with her because I know they do not last and I know how blessed I am to get to experience them again.  I took them all to a doctor appointment,  a grocery trip, the movies and a few play dates.  I may have forgot to pack enough diapers for one of those trips but other than that rookie mistake we have had a great time.

Amelia is really enjoying being a big sister to two little girls.  This time around I have given her a little more freedom on holding the baby.  She was only 3 the last time around.  She thinks she is big stuff.  Evie has really blossomed.  She is doing things for herself that she never done before.  She gets her point across better with words and signs.  Plus she always there to help feed and change her diaper.

My life is pretty great as a mother of three.


4 Responses to "A mother of three"

YAY! I’m so glad you’re settling in well!

Tomorrow will be an awesome day! Congratulations!

You are a natural!

It’s truly amazing how your family grows.

You all are doing great for sure! You have 3 beautiful girls and the fun has just begun! (Wait till they are teenagers *said while ducking*)

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