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Diet Coke

Posted on: August 14, 2010

I love diet coke.  I was in the intensive care after I woke up from my coma and kept getting sick.  They couldn’t figure it out why I could not h0ld anything down.  I kept telling them it is because I have not had any Diet Coke for weeks.  The doctors finally listened and gave me some.  I stated holding down liquids after that.  It is now in my medical chart to give me diet coke after surgeries. I love diet coke so much that I paid 6.00 for 2 cans at the conference I  attended last week.

What is the one drink you can not live with out?

11 Responses to "Diet Coke"


I think you spelled coke wrong.

Sometimes I cheat on Diet Pepsi with my sweet, sweet lover, Diet Dr. Pepper.

I cheat on Diet Coke with my white trash lover Mt.Dew.

Hi! Found you through Angie’s blog. I love reading your posts and I am relatively new myself. You sound like such a survivor. I see you’re from small town Ohio….my people also hail from there. I was born there and lived there and now I just go to visit the cows and run into family at the IGA.
I’m not a soda fan…but Mama loves her coffee.

The IGA in the town I grew up in just recently burnt down. I still miss their chicken.

Diet Orange Sunkist is what I would love to drink. I am really trying to overcome it by drinking flavored waters, but oh how I miss my Diet Sunkist.

Barq’s Root Beer… it is my crack.

Coffee. Just coffee. My one true addiction. Wine is a close runner-up for second place but it’s not really acceptable to drink it before 3 pm, you know?

Coffee. Lots of coffee. All day. Everyday.

Diet Coke, same as you. 🙂

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