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Amelia’s first day

Posted on: September 1, 2010

Monday was Amelia first day of kindergarten.  She was so excited.  I was nervous.  I had no reason to be nervous because she is super awesome at everything she does.

She picked the outfit out all by herself.

She is either going to be on the pages of Vogue or the crazy lady yelling at traffic.

I did better than I excepted.  I ran a few errands to keep me busy.  Evie missed her sister.  Gigi didn’t know what to do with all the quiet.  Something exciting did happen that day.  Evie started talking!  I guess without Amelia to do the talking for her she had to talk for herself.


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4 Responses to "Amelia’s first day"

She is adorable! I told you Evie would talk when she left!! lol

What a great day of ‘firsts!’ Good luck to Amelia in kindergarten.

Evie probably has been talking….you just could never hear her. LOL So Glad Amelia is enjoying school. She looked adorable!

Aww! LOVE her outfit!! I’m so glad she had a great 1st day! The start of school is so hard on us Mamas. I’m glad Evie started talking. Masen is opening up more and more, too. It’s great!

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