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Posted on: September 24, 2010

I am supposed to be at the Type A Mom conference right now.  Instead I am being held against my will on my couch by a very sick Evie.  I was packing for my trip when I noticed that she had a high fever (almost 104.0).  I called the pediatrician right away.  The whole drive I was willing it to be just a ear infection.  I was chanting “nothing contagious” over and over again.   I had lined up babysitters while Greg was work for the time  I was going to be gone.  They were all mothers with small children of their own.  The pediatrician said” it was a more likely a virus so yep she is contagious”.  Evie needs to be watched carefully because of her shunt.  Shunt failure looks exactly a typical kid virus.   So not only am I dealing with a sick little girl but also hoping that someone else gets sick in my house so I will know for sure that it not shunt failure.  The fever broke last night and she hasn’t thrown up since she threw up in my face at 3:30 am……..more than likely just a virus.

I am very sad about missing this conference.  I needed this break.  Between the adoption drama,Gigi’s diagnosis, and Evie’s MRDD test results on Monday.  I needed to just be Mandi and not mama.  I needed the time to let my brain think to be still.  I needed to see old friends and make new ones.  I needed to drink too much wine and stay up too late. I NEEDED THIS!!!


3 Responses to "Disappointed"

Did they check her for strep?

Jack always pukes with strep…and it’s always after he’s been running a super high fever.

take some Mandi time at home. Hide in the bath with a bottle of wine (not that I would ever DO such a thing?!) 😉


Yes the checked her for strep and a UTI just be safe since she tell us what hurts. I just booked a massage and a pedi for tomorrow 🙂

I needed it, too. I’m sad with you. 😦

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