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Cancer Kills

Posted on: October 6, 2010

There is a new meme going around Facebook to raise awareness for breast cancer.  I was instantly pissed off.  I would love to tell you that Grandma liked it by the phone in the kitchen but she dead.  Cancer killed her.  How is that for cancer awareness?

I picked up the phone to call her yesterday afternoon to tell her that Amelia leveled up in gymnastics for the next session.  She has been dead for over 14 years now.  She never got to meet my daughters in this life.  But I still pick up the phone without thinking to tell her things.  I think about cancer every single day and will always think about it.  So don’t tell me where your purse it.  Take that purse, open it, donate money to research projects that finds a CURE for cancer.  Don’t post on unoriginal status update on Facebook.

I heard this post read aloud for voices of the year at the Blogher convention in New York.  It states what I am trying to say much more beautifully.

2 Responses to "Cancer Kills"

I agree with you Mandi.

Agree totally, and am so sorry for your loss.

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