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Nothing Happening

Posted on: October 14, 2010

I come here to write but nothing comes.  Not much is going on here.  I am mean there is but I can’t write about the adoption part of our life.  I gave given up my precious Starbucks.  The girls got me a Kuerig  coffee maker for my birthday so I could stop my Starbucks habit to save money.  The money I spent there was obscene.  I want to take a vacation to Port Clinton, Ohio for a month.  I have really great beach houses for a month for about what we would spend on a rental at the ocean.  So I am being thrifty.  It sucks balls.   What is going on with you?


3 Responses to "Nothing Happening"

I’ve heard evil things about Starbucks. Yay for a home Kuerig coffee makers.

I hope you get to take that beach vacation.

I loved my Starbucks. The bristas knew me and my girls. But I have to keep thinking a month long vacation.

I know what you’re going through. We’re giving my car back to the bank this week. Carpooling with my husband is going to be oh so much fun, but it’ll get our heads above water again and I’ll carpool all I need to to get some relief. The month long vacation sounds wonderful!!

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