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I am going to sell her

Posted on: November 4, 2010

I was at the computer this morning doing very important work.*cough twitter cough* When I heard Amelia ask for help getting her school clothes.  Now Amelia hasn’t asked for my help picking out her clothes since she was a year old.  When I pick out what I want her to wear she always asked “Why do you want me to look ugly?”  I have given up.  I have two other girls to dress.  Amelia has always had a certain style.  She is either going to be on the pages of Vouge or a crazy lady at her local Wal-Mart.  So I jumped at the chance to help her get dressed.  Now image my surprise when I walked into her room and saw this:



This is almost every single piece of clothes that she and Evie have.  Plus some clothes from the closet that I am saving.  Now I will admit not all the clothes were in the dressers.  Some were in clothes baskets but they were not on the floor.  But overall it was a neat and tidy room.  I just looked at the mess and walked away.  Her punishment is she will have to clean this mess and I got to dress her for school.




She put the skirt herself.  Any offer will not be refused.


(I am kidding.  I wouldn’t sell my daughter.)




6 Responses to "I am going to sell her" love the photos. 🙂 totally understand your frustration. my 3 year old twins have done that to their room on more occasions than i would like to count. i put them up for (pretend) sale on fb as a matching set but got no takers, lol. 🙂

Lol! Totally relate! My son lets me dress in whatever. My daughter melts down over anything so I give up and let her pick out her own stuff, too.

Remind me not to be on the phone this evening when she is cleaning that up bc she won’t be happy. lol

I have no words. Makes me glad my son wears the same 3 pairs of jeans, and same five shirts ad nauseam.

Uhm, I *might* encourage you to sell her after that. Seriously. Ouch. :>

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