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Cardiology Appointment

Posted on: November 28, 2010

I have a cardiology appointment tomorrow.  I am not looking forward to it at all.  Not that I ever look forward to them but I especially dreading this appointment.  I have an extended time Echo,pacemaker check,ekg,and time to talk to my cardiologist.  I know we are going to discuss when we are going to change my pacemaker battery.  The current one has been in place for 7 years. So I am assuming the battery is going to be changed soon.  I have been having arrhythmic episodes.  I am getting short of breath when I moving about.  My INR hasn’t been under good control for awhile now.  So I am sure they are not going to have good things to say.  Greg is going with me to discuss how he thinks I have been doing.  He knows that I am not 100% truthful to them.  Fingers crossed it that I won’t need another open heart surgery.


3 Responses to "Cardiology Appointment"

Fingers crossed for you honey! Cardiologists are scary even when they are trying not to be.

You know I feel for you! Hope it goes well and there’s not another open-heart in your immediate future. I don’t have a pacemaker but it’s one of the things I fear. I have to take Randy with me when I’m having problems, too. He thinks I never ask enough questions or tell the whole truth. The problem is, I already have a pretty good handle on what they tell me. He’s the one with all the questions. Good luck!!

Praying for you here. I’m hoping that they tell you good things and that you just need a new charge. Every mom needs “recharged” every now and then, but you just need a little extra. Love you lots and praying for you!

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