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Evie School Update

Posted on: January 6, 2011

Evie has had 2 full days of school.  Right now she is at her 3 day.  She is having a blast.  She wakes up every morning asking to go.  She said 2 new words yesterday while she was in the bath.  They were wash and soap.  She gets all excited when she sees her school building come into view.  You should hear her yell with joy when we pull into the parking lot.  She got to pick out of the treasure box yesterday as reward for her good behavior.  She is going to improve so much I just know it.

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6 Responses to "Evie School Update"

That is a fabulous update! I am so glad she is having so much fun, and is doing so well are pre-school.

How’s mom holding up?

Tara-I am not doing well. My anxiety is VERY high. I *might* sit in the parking lot a 1/2 early just to be closer to her.

Amanda….she is doing so well, really! You can get some of your stuff done while she is gone so when she is home you can just enjoy her. Give it time… will be routine.

I was the same way with Amelia starting school except I didn’t worry as much because she talked and could tell me things. I am hoping that the routine comes quickly.

You’ll be fine…eventually. It’s hard to trust someone else with your child. (Um, yeah…I TOTALLY get that!)
I’m glad she’s loving it…that’s half the battle usually!

Such a great report. Good news, go Evie!

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