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A Lot of Something

Posted on: January 23, 2011

This Angie

This blurry picture is the first time we met.  It was a year ago today.  My mom thought she made up all the details of her life and was going to kidnap me and the girls in the middle of EPCOT.  * Spoiler*  She didn’t kidnap me.

She has held my hand when my anxiety got to be to much.

I have slept (in the same room)with her husband.

She is a grammar nerd who loves me even though I can’t spell or use punctuation properly.

Toys from her store have entertained my kids.

She helps me when the internet gets to hard for me.

Angie is going to let me sleep on her couch when I can’t stand to be away from Walt Disney World any longer.


I am thankful that Twitter introduced me to her.

I am thankful she made me start this blog.



Angie thanks for being such a kick ass friend and not kidnapping me.


Stolen right from her flicker


13 Responses to "A Lot of Something"

Eh, she’s just laying the foundation of trust. She’ll TOTALLY kidnap you next time. Probably.

Hee. I agree, Angie totally rocks. As do you. xoxo

Thanks. She told me that she still was going to kidnap me. You were right.

Pish posh, you don’t have to sleep on the couch, you can share a bed with her. That would be rude of me! 😉

I agree, she’s pretty cool…

Awwwww… *tear*

Thanks, mama. And yes. All of my life online is a ploy to kidnap you. Even this.

My mom told me that even though we have met so many times you still could want to kidnap me. I am going to keep my eye on you.

Angie’s not bad. I think I’ll keep her!

What an awesome post! I think you’re both pretty terrific. ❤

These are the things I love to hear. You girls are lovely.

She might have even created me in a large plot to kidnap you. We aren’t really your friends. We’re robots.

Damn it! I knew that she was going to kidnap me. My mom was right.

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