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Money in the bank

Posted on: January 26, 2011

Greg had a great idea that he heard somewhere.  We give Amelia 10.00 of fake money to buy screen time with.  We charge her .25 for each 1/2 hour of screen time.  We count her laptop, my DSi, and the television as screens.  We are not charging her for family movies and shows we watch together.  Nothing motivates Amelia more than money. Since Sunday she has only used a 1/2.  She also is try to make this negotiable.  She offered me .02 for 5 minutes.  I am not going the math for that.  So it is a 1/2 or more or nothing.  At the end of the week whatever fake money she has left she will get real money in exchange.

I do not think screen time is bad or if you let your kids watch endless hours of television you are a bad parent.  I was just getting sick of her wanting the t.v. on all of the time even if she is not watching it.

5 Responses to "Money in the bank"

OH MY GOSH! What a FABulous idea. Can I steal it?? This is fabulous!

I love this idea. I wonder if it would work with older kids too. Hmmm?

I bet you have to pay a lot more than 10.00 for teenagers.

My son is nine and hates math and struggles with it but, of course, loves the tv, computer and XBOX. So, for every fifteen minutes he spends watching tv or playing on the computer/XBOX, he has to spend fifteen minutes working on his times tables.

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