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I am running this race with Patrick.  I am super excited and a little nervous.  For those who don’t know my history.  I was in a wheelchair for about 6 months 5 years ago.  I lost my ability to walk from complications of my last open heart surgery.   I still have a very painful neuropathy in both legs.  This is a really big and exciting deal.


Some people have said that I am in a mid life crisis.  Some people have said that I am going to look like I fell face first into a tackle box.  Some people have warned me to think about my health.  Some people told me to think of my girls.

I don’t listen well to some people

I love my new piercing.


Thanks to Jenna for supporting me and taking these pictures.

I have been exercising.  I know! It seems crazy if you know me at all.  I used to exercise and didn’t really.   I sang,messed around on itunes, tweeted.  But in the last weeks I have gotten serious about it.  Like timing my miles and everything.  I am surprised how much I am really enjoying my self.

I have lost weight and my skinny jeans fit.  It has been awesome.

I was supposed to go to a jewelry party yesterday evening.  I was dressed and my hair was curled.  Greg came home to watch the girls.  I was almost to where the party was being held and the thought of making small talk and I was overcome with panic.  I just could not make myself go.  So I drove.

I drove and spent time with Zac Brown Band, Mumford and Sons, and bands I don’t even know the name of.  I spent time doing what makes me happy.  It was heaven even if it was only for a few hours.  I can’t wait to escape again even if it just a few hours.

It is no secret that I love Disney.  If you know me for more than five minutes you know I love Walt Disney World.  I have the tattoos to prove it.  Now I have a place to write down all that Disney knowledge I have.

I am excited to announce

This is Angie idea and hard work.  She is letting me be a part of it.

Go check it out!

I got into a text conversation today that has really just made my whole month. It made me laugh. It made me think. I learned some new things about a friend. What has made you smile lately?

Grumpy Cat is grumpy.  I feel the exact same way.

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