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I was supposed to go to a jewelry party yesterday evening.  I was dressed and my hair was curled.  Greg came home to watch the girls.  I was almost to where the party was being held and the thought of making small talk and I was overcome with panic.  I just could not make myself go.  So I drove.

I drove and spent time with Zac Brown Band, Mumford and Sons, and bands I don’t even know the name of.  I spent time doing what makes me happy.  It was heaven even if it was only for a few hours.  I can’t wait to escape again even if it just a few hours.

It is no secret that I love Disney.  If you know me for more than five minutes you know I love Walt Disney World.  I have the tattoos to prove it.  Now I have a place to write down all that Disney knowledge I have.

I am excited to announce

This is Angie idea and hard work.  She is letting me be a part of it.

Go check it out!

I got into a text conversation today that has really just made my whole month. It made me laugh. It made me think. I learned some new things about a friend. What has made you smile lately?

Grumpy Cat is grumpy.  I feel the exact same way.

Greg had a great idea that he heard somewhere.  We give Amelia 10.00 of fake money to buy screen time with.  We charge her .25 for each 1/2 hour of screen time.  We count her laptop, my DSi, and the television as screens.  We are not charging her for family movies and shows we watch together.  Nothing motivates Amelia more than money. Since Sunday she has only used a 1/2.  She also is try to make this negotiable.  She offered me .02 for 5 minutes.  I am not going the math for that.  So it is a 1/2 or more or nothing.  At the end of the week whatever fake money she has left she will get real money in exchange.

I do not think screen time is bad or if you let your kids watch endless hours of television you are a bad parent.  I was just getting sick of her wanting the t.v. on all of the time even if she is not watching it.

This Angie

This blurry picture is the first time we met.  It was a year ago today.  My mom thought she made up all the details of her life and was going to kidnap me and the girls in the middle of EPCOT.  * Spoiler*  She didn’t kidnap me.

She has held my hand when my anxiety got to be to much.

I have slept (in the same room)with her husband.

She is a grammar nerd who loves me even though I can’t spell or use punctuation properly.

Toys from her store have entertained my kids.

She helps me when the internet gets to hard for me.

Angie is going to let me sleep on her couch when I can’t stand to be away from Walt Disney World any longer.


I am thankful that Twitter introduced me to her.

I am thankful she made me start this blog.



Angie thanks for being such a kick ass friend and not kidnapping me.


Stolen right from her flicker

The pain in my left leg is REALLY horrific today.  It is a black muck dragging me into a black hole.  I gained some feeling back in this leg a few weeks ago.  I am terrified that the feeling is going to go out of my leg again.  I am scared and I am hurting.  The pain makes me feel like I am less of person.

I have been staring at the screen hoping for inspiration for a post.  I asked Amelia what should I write on my bligity blog.  She said to talk about Barbie because every loves Barbies.  I have nothing to say about Barbie except that Amelia has way too many of them.

The End

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I know I have linked to Miss Britt before but I think she needs her own post.

I can’t remember how I found her blog but when I first read it I thought that she was looking in my windows and writing my life.  When Angie set up a lunch when Greg and I were in Walt Disney World and I found out that Britt was going to be there. I was dancing around my hotel room.  I was so nervous and excited to meet her.  I bothered Greg all morning on what outfit should I wear.  Of course she was lovely.

Britt is taking her personal blog on a new path of happiness.  She has been such a influence on me doing things that scare me.  I love the new direction her blog is going.  I think that you should check it out.  I hope that she inspires you the way she inspires me.

Evie has had 2 full days of school.  Right now she is at her 3 day.  She is having a blast.  She wakes up every morning asking to go.  She said 2 new words yesterday while she was in the bath.  They were wash and soap.  She gets all excited when she sees her school building come into view.  You should hear her yell with joy when we pull into the parking lot.  She got to pick out of the treasure box yesterday as reward for her good behavior.  She is going to improve so much I just know it.

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