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Today is my dear friend Jenna’s 30th birthday.  We met through twitter almost a year ago.  Our first date was at Applebee’s.

Jenna is a caring friend. Her friendship is the kind you don’t have to clean your house for when she comes over.  I can sit her her recliner and watch her work doing nothing much and still have a great day. Her love of the color green rivals a leprechaun.  She is a wonderful mother.  Her inner strength inspires me on a daily basis.  Her photographs are beautiful. I can never look at a firetruck the same way again. She is also an editor so her loving me through my horrible grammar and spelling mistakes is a sign of a true friend.

Thank you Jenna for being such a great friend.  Happy Birthday! I love you!

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I got into a text conversation today that has really just made my whole month. It made me laugh. It made me think. I learned some new things about a friend. What has made you smile lately?

As I look back at 2010 there are so many amazing things that happened to me and my family.  As I stand at the start of 2011 I know that there are black clouds gathering on the horizon.  We will have to weather the upcoming storm. There is no hiding from it.  I can’t pretend that it not happening.  I just have to stand in the rain. I know that we emerge on the other side stronger.


I want to thank some of my favorite people in the world for their support and inspiration.

Britt –Her words make me step out of my comfort zone.  Her year long trip has me working to find my big goal.

Avitable— Adam is VERY intimidating to meet in person but his words make you think and his pictures always make me smile.  Read this post I printed it out

Angie–Holds my hand in NYC when crowds get to big and my anxiety get out of control.

Jenn–Her advice costs me a dollar a minute but it is so worth the international phone call bills to have her talk me off a ledge.

Jenna Amanda Juila The greatest girls to road trip with.  Weekly coffee with them keeps me sane.

Becky–Taught me pants are bullshit.

Jana–Meeting her in Vegas was one of my favorite things about the trip



I almost didn’t go to Blogher.  I almost let my anxiety get in the way.  I am so thankful that I didn’t allow that to happen.  It was an amazing weekend.  If I would have let anxiety get in the way I would have missed the moments. The moments are what made the weekend so special.  It was giggling all night and not sleeping with Jenna,Julia ,and Amanda as we drove from Ohio to NYC.  It was dancing on stage with Britt.  It was listening to a awesome group of ladies talk about grief.  It was sharing my journey of recovery with the beautiful Annisa and her husband Peter.   It was meeting Heather.  It was having the most awesome roommates ever.  It was listening to Patrick and Cindy talk about hair bands until 2 am.  It was having Angie hold my hand in FAO Schwarz because I got nervous in the crowds.  It was a 1000 other little moments that made my weekend complete.  I will be in San Diego too experience many more moments.

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