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I’m back.  A shit ton of stuff has happened since I last wrote here. For starters I left my husband of 8 years. I got my own place where I live with the girls. Greg and I have shared custody. I found a new love who has opened my eyes to a whole other side of me that was always there.  I found a crappy little job that I am great at.  It pays the bills so there’s that.  Everyday there is something new that makes me happy and makes me cry. I have lost so much yet gained so much more.


Posted on: May 23, 2011

Music has always meant a lot to me.  Even though I don’t listen to “cool” music there are certain songs that I hear and they speak to my soul. I would rather someone tell me that they heard a song and thought of me than a present.  Here are a few of my current obsessions.  What are you listening too?


Posted on: May 16, 2011

I am a blog writer slacker.  I am a blog commenter slacker.  I am a twitter slacker.  I do continue to read all my friend’s blog.  I am just not finding the words.

Today is my dear friend Jenna’s 30th birthday.  We met through twitter almost a year ago.  Our first date was at Applebee’s.

Jenna is a caring friend. Her friendship is the kind you don’t have to clean your house for when she comes over.  I can sit her her recliner and watch her work doing nothing much and still have a great day. Her love of the color green rivals a leprechaun.  She is a wonderful mother.  Her inner strength inspires me on a daily basis.  Her photographs are beautiful. I can never look at a firetruck the same way again. She is also an editor so her loving me through my horrible grammar and spelling mistakes is a sign of a true friend.

Thank you Jenna for being such a great friend.  Happy Birthday! I love you!

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Dear Gigi,

Happy 1st birthday.  I hope you are happy and secure with your new family.  I hope that they have lots of fun things planned.  I know that you will love eating your birthday cake.  My thoughts are with you today.  I am sending lots of love and light to you today.  I am sorry that I couldn’t be the mother you needed.


Posted on: April 1, 2011

I come here intended to write. I have a funny story or something I want to share. But I have no words. I will write a whole post an it sits in the saved folder. I miss my words.

I know that someone has been really searching for me.  My email address is right under the tab The greatness of Mandi.  If you want to talk to me or contact me you can email me or friend me on Facebook.

I am running this race with Patrick.  I am super excited and a little nervous.  For those who don’t know my history.  I was in a wheelchair for about 6 months 5 years ago.  I lost my ability to walk from complications of my last open heart surgery.   I still have a very painful neuropathy in both legs.  This is a really big and exciting deal.

Some people have said that I am in a mid life crisis.  Some people have said that I am going to look like I fell face first into a tackle box.  Some people have warned me to think about my health.  Some people told me to think of my girls.

I don’t listen well to some people

I love my new piercing.


Thanks to Jenna for supporting me and taking these pictures.

I have been exercising.  I know! It seems crazy if you know me at all.  I used to exercise and didn’t really.   I sang,messed around on itunes, tweeted.  But in the last weeks I have gotten serious about it.  Like timing my miles and everything.  I am surprised how much I am really enjoying my self.

I have lost weight and my skinny jeans fit.  It has been awesome.

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